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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 20:02

In 7557, we celebrated our Annual Day as 'The Great Indian Mela', comprising of a musical event to celebrate India's 65 years of Independence, and a fete to raise funds for the many NGOs that our students support and work with. Through this fun-filled event they served a great cause - a significant amount was collected and donated to the NGOs, in addition to the sales these NGOs made at the event by selling their products.

School Annual Day Celebrations – from light to light

Then the Chief Guest is requested to deliver his speech. It is followed by a speech from the Head-Boy, who thanks the teachers for their affectionate guidance and teaching, provided by them. He also expresses gratitude to the Chief Guest for accepting their invitation and for all the compliments/ he has conferred on the school.


In 7566, the School celebrated its Annual Day on the theme ‘Utsav’, celebrating India’s rich heritage and exhibiting the diverse cultures which are interwoven in the fabric of our country through a musical journey of celebrating the festivals of India.

Annual Day Celebrations @ DPS Bangalore South - DPS

If we had a magic ball that could give us a glimpse of the future and what it holds for us, wouldn’t that be swell? We would be in a better position to budget and work towards the known rather than the unknown. Unfortunately, there is no magic ball rather there is only the wisdom to gauge situations as they present themselves…wisdom gathered over the years through a myriad of events, job requirements, customers, vendors, staff, deliverables, ups, downs, swings, offerings and the like.

Gayathiri was recognized as the ultimate Loudmouth of the event as her screams and whoops were heard way above everyone else’s during the entire event.

Hi! I have seen u grow & with u how the school is also growing. I have always believed in the policy that if the person leading from the front is growing then the organisation will always develop in a positive manner. Your montessori methods if applied in a proper manner really does benefit the child. but I wish there is some way in which we can help the teenagers of today. they are is such a confused state that sometimes it breaks my heart to see such jewels getting wasted because of lack of proper guidance. So if you have any suggestion do let me know.
Thank you and keep the good work going.

We have seen an influx of new faces as well as some old ones back into the fold and we welcome them all warmly irrespective of gender, experience and qualifications. The outflows have been regretted as always. But as the saying goes, “The show must go on.”

ANNUAL DAY, 7566- a report Pomp and splendour accorded honour to the theme of the year, 8775 The Silk Route 8776 at the annual day celebrations on 65 and 66 December, 7566.

We had various team events such as The Longest Line wherein which everyone literally fell over themselves in a frenzy to create the longest human cum material line!

The presentation was made lively by the presenter herself not to mention the interactive audience. Questions were raised only to be clarified then and there by animated discussions between the audience and the presenter.

Curious students, staff members and parents viewed the celestial bodies through a telescope set up on the terrace of the school. The programme was interesting and informative.

Again, those who have stood first in class in academics and various inter-class and inter-school competitions, are made to undergo the actual practice for the day through a mock-session, so that they know how to conduct themselves in the presence of the august audience. The Head Boy is made to write out his speech under the guidance of a teacher and he too is required to rehearse it.

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