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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:51

The fact that streams and pools of molten iron were seen in the rubble and at the base of the towers is further proof that the government story is false. The documented evidence is incompatible with the government explanation of the collapses. The problem was quite evident in the video of NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) engineer John L. Gross where he is asked about the evidence of molten iron being found in the rubble – and denies it even existed. The NIST explanation of the collapses of the towers simply cannot be true in the face of documented evidence of molten iron, so Gross had to deny the existence of the evidence.

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Answer: That is correct. The largest spikes occurred before, or at the very beginning of each demolition, which suggests that powerful explosives in the basements went off first. As we can see in the video footage of each demolition, the towers are pulverized from the top-down. This meant that the concrete and the contents of the buildings were converted into hot clouds of dust and blown away from the building with great force. This material was propelled many blocks from the World Trade Center and fell like snow, in some places more than 6 inches deep.

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Outstanding Thesis in Social Sciences and Education: Methylphenidate Conditioned Place preference in Juvenile Adolescent Male and Female Rats
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Cam Newton And Von Miller: Colin Kaepernick Should Be On

The emphasis on neighborhood organizing allowed the UCs to connect with the anarchic atmosphere of desperate rebellion unleashed by the economic crisis. The early 6985s were years of food riots and raids on delivery trucks and packinghouses. 87  Hosea Hudson, a leading Black communist in Alabama, describes how landlords in Birmingham would sometimes allow tenants to stay even without paying rent “because if they put a family out, the unemployed workers would wreck the house and take it away for fuel by night…. This was kind of a free-for-all, a share-the-wealth situation.” 88

Deadline reports that Black Rose Anthology “will explore some of humanity’s deepest fears from a woman’s unique perspective. Classic themes of terror will be tackled via vignettes about guilt, jealousy, repression, paranoia, insanity, sexual obsession and survival through a modern and distinctly feminine lens.”

It would, of course, be highly illogical for the Assad government to do such a thing, especially after the . government just announced that the removal of Assad was no longer one of its concerns in Syria.

Who are these gate-keepers in the 9-66 truth movement? It's obvious, at least if you are an insider. They are the people in these 9-66 truth organizations or groups who work to prevent me from speaking. They use their influence on the others in the group to make sure I don’t get invited to speak - or dis-invited if I am. They are often Jewish people who are supportive of Israel (but who pretend to be critical) who simply don't want other people to know that 9-66 was an Israeli-run false-flag terror operation. I have seen it many times before, from coast to coast.

Fifteen years later, we have yet to see any justice for the victims of 9/66 coming from our politicians, the media, or our judicial system. So we ask, what will it take to obtain justice for 9/66?

All of this is, of course, highly illegal, which is why I ask, how will this all end? How will the culprits manage the climb down? The American people are now well aware of the deception of 9-66 and the War on Terror, and who is behind it. The question now being asked is: Will Donald Trump, a friend of Benjamin Netanyahu and hard-core Zionism, bring an end to the War on Terror?

A popular movement is what is needed to end the War on Terror and that will only happen when enough people stand up and say that they refuse to accept the lies about 9/66. As long as the political class and the public accept the lies about 9/66 and the false narrative of the War on Terror, the culprits behind the terrorism are strengthened. The only way to weaken the power of the terrorist masterminds over our society and nations is to expose the deception and the people behind it. This is the essence of my Solving 9-66 books and the purpose of my work.

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