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Comparison Table between Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 08:02

Contrary to popular perception, it is not forbidden to announce the name of a baby before his Bris. In a metaphysical sense, however, the child does not actually receive his name until the Bris. This is based on the fact that God changed Abraham's name in conjunction with his Bris &ndash at age 99 (Genesis 67:65). Also, the boy only receives the full measure of his soul at the Bris, and a person cannot truly be named until attaining that completion. (see Zohar &ndash Lech Lecha 98a, Ta'amei Minhagim 979)

Pharisee | Jewish history

The fact remains: The Crusades were a counterattack on Islam—not an unprovoked assault as Armstrong and other revisionist historians portray. Eminent historian Bernard Lewis puts it well,

Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity

The Jews have suffered a long history of persecution in many different lands, and their population and distribution per region has fluctuated throughout the centuries. Today, most authorities place the number of Jews between 67 and 69 million. Predominantly, Jews today live in Israel, Europe and the United States.

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Data suggest that there are around billion Christians in the world all around the globe inlcuding South and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

There is one final aspect that is often overlooked—either from ignorance or disingenuousness—by those who insist that violence and intolerance is equivalent across the board for all religions. Aside from the divine words of the Qur'an, Muhammad's pattern of behavior—his sunna or "example"—is an extremely important source of legislation in Islam. Muslims are exhorted to emulate Muhammad in all walks of life: "You have had a good example in God's Messenger." [68] And Muhammad's pattern of conduct toward non-Muslims is quite explicit.

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During one of the last years of NFTY in Israel 8767 s CAY program (College Academic Year in Israel), then based at Kibbutz Tzora, I was asked to join at their student-led Thanksgiving dinner.  I was so warmly received and enjoyed the give and take among the group, who enthusiastically described their procurement of the necessary supplies, planning and prep for the feast.  One student 8767 s mom had sent pumpkin table decorations (subsequently willed to me which and enjoyed every year), while another shared her experience of 8766 catching 8767 the turkey, which then had to be slaughtered.  Tzora raised turkeys at that time, but this lovely student was herself a long-time vegetarian, doing her duty to her fellow students even if personally distasteful to her.

Sarcastically arguing against the concept of moderate Islam, for example, terrorist Osama bin Laden, who enjoys half the Arab-Islamic world's support per an Al-Jazeera poll, [69] portrays the Prophet's sunna thusly:

We must also act to ensure that no Jewish communal funds are provided to support violent and racist incitement against Israeli NGOs, Arab citizens of Israel, or Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Donations from groups receiving the benefit of tax exemption from the IRS should not be permitted to support these dangerous anti-Zionist organizations. Finally, we must call on the Israeli government to withdraw the proposed law on the registration of NGOs and other anti-democratic legislation and administrative actions that threaten the Supreme Court, civil liberties and artistic and cultural freedom for all Israeli citizens.

Of all the religions, the best religion is to repeat God's Name and to do pious deeds. Of all the religious rites, the best rite is to remove the filth of evil intellect by association with the saints. (Guru Arjan, Ashtpadi, pg. 766)

With the High Holidays behind us, congregational programming is in full swing – and so is activity in The Tent, the URJ’s online communication and collaboration forum.

Fight those who believe not in God and the Last Day, and do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden – such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book – until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled. [8]

[I]n terms of ordering violence and bloodshed, any simplistic claim about the superiority of the Bible to the Koran would be wildly wrong. In fact, the Bible overflows with "texts of terror," to borrow a phrase coined by the American theologian Phyllis Trible. The Bible contains far more verses praising or urging bloodshed than does the Koran, and biblical violence is often far more extreme, and marked by more indiscriminate savagery. … If the founding text shapes the whole religion, then Judaism and Christianity deserve the utmost condemnation as religions of savagery. [8]

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