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What is Happening at Medjugorje? - Crisis Magazine

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 20:02

Is it conceivable that starting in 6986, the devil, looking over his victories and concerned that his time might be coming to an end, might look to subvert the Church with something like a pretend-Madonna? Jesus warned us (Mt. 79:79, Mk. 68:77) that in the final days prophets would arise with signs and wonders, and would be able to deceive even the elect.

The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: The Missiles of October

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Crisis vs. Conflict: Engaging a Reader with the

But surely if the visions lead millions of people to think that there is no reason to leave say
buddism or hinduism or islam and follow Jesus then this is serious since these three religions have been found at the shrine or image.

Eriksons Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development

Yellen, Janet L., &ldquo A Painfully Slow Recovery for America's Workers: Causes, Implications, and the Federal Reserve's Response ,&rdquo Speech given at "A Trans-Atlantic Agenda for Shared Prosperity" conference in Washington, DC, February 66, 7568.

Devotees of Medjugorje often preach silence in the face of uncomfortable facts.  But being silent over promoting Medjugorje?  Perish the thought.   Medjugorje has been rejected by Bishops Zanic, Peric, the Zadar Declaration with the classic non constat de supernaturalitate judgment.  This is not yet the full condemnation of constat de non supernaturalitate, but then, the Ruini Commission is still in session.  Pro-Medj commenters have offered not a single refutation of Prof. Kainz 8767 pithy and balanced summary of the phenomenon.  Only oddball warnings about facing God 8767 s judgment, and ad hominem attacks. 

Lovely piece on the octopus linked through Maggie’s Farm this morning ( here ), after one gets through the mandatory Japanese eroticism. They are wonderful slimy things, if you have ever wrestled with one. I haven’t, myself, but the (magnificently Catholic) poet Roy Campbell used to do bouts for the tourists, back home in South Africa. It was a good panhandling gig earned him enough to get out of the country.

Trust in Providence is an attitude of mind, installed at conception, but later it becomes a choice. On this Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary we recall the place of choice in human history: of God’s choice of the path to redemption for fallen, sinful man. It was not our choice. God chose Mary and then, Mary chose God.

.What the child acquires at a given stage is a certain ratio between the positive and negative, which if the balance is toward the positive, will help him to meet later crises with a better chance for unimpaired total development… (Erikson)

Chris, I am asking you.  Based on what the Apparition at Medjugorje says, that the BVM 8767 s birthday is Aug. 9 and NOT Sept. 8.  Do you think the Church should move the solemnity of the Nativity of the BVM to Aug. 9?

Sir, your title is misleading. It should not read 8775 What is Happening at Medjugorje, 8776 which indicates that you might actually be writing about events currently taking place there (. news), but ought rather to be entitled 8775 A (One-Sided, Negative) Recap of Events at Medjugorje. 8776  Quoting notoriously anti-Medjugorje folks such as Donal Foley and Manfred Hauke as your sources hardly lends credibility to your argument. For an academic, I would have expected a bit more from you, like giving sources for quotations, especially when they are crucial to your argument. 

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