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The goal is not to deceive the reader, to pretend to be someone that you are not, but rather to partially isolate a part of who you are, the you that you are today, as you meditate on a particular subject and sit down to write.

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The Paper Moon will be hosting a range of print demos, drop in &lsquo print your own&rsquo posters, and adult group classes across the weekend at The Good Life Experience. All activities are fun informal and accessible to all ages.

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Deborah Colella -AKA The Dog Nanny- runs a Canine Circus School. What on earth is that you may ask? It s an attempt to engage people -both children and adults- in training their dogs, to make it enjoyable, entertaining and easy. It s an excuse for adults, children and dogs alike to dress up and put on a super entertaining show.

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Serving the very best grilled cheese sandwiches, The Cheese Truck is dedicated to celebrating the best of British cheese. We work closely with our producers, sourcing all our cheese direct from UK based farms that are making cheese in a traditional and thoughtful way.

Amy and Ella Meek (aged 69 and 67) set up their own campaign Kids Against Plastic a couple of years ago in order to raise awareness of the negative impact that single-use plastic is having on the environment &ndash something that they are passionate about. They have visited schools, conferences and festivals and have spoken to politicians, school children, celebrities and academics around the world. More recently they travelled around the UK as land-based ambassadors for Exxpedition &ndash a group of women sailing around the GB sampling for plastics in the oceans. They are hoping that more children will come and chat to them at the festival and also want to become a Kid Against plastic!

That slight aspect of your personality (or fantasy life, or hidden world) that you think so odd, so peculiar, so weird, that you’ve kept it a secret your entire life, is most likely far more common than you think. We’re all made of similar stuff, we human beings. Even our most closely guarded insecurities are often commonly held, though most individuals keep these parts of themselves so hidden that there’s little chance to discover the commonality.

Felicity Cloake is an award-winning food writer and the author of the Guardian&rsquo s long running How to Make the Perfect column as well as four books, the most recent of which, The A-Z of Eating: A Flavour Map for Adventurous Cooks was shortlisted for the Andre Simon Award. We welcome her to The Good Life Experience in September in conversation with Campfire Chef Harry Eastwood, talking dogs, the perfect column, finding your writing voice, death row dinners and more.

Sound of Yell are a Glasgow based collection of maverick musicians performing eccentric accoustic music written and arranged by idiosyncratic finger style guitarist Stevie Jones. For The Good Life Experience the group will perform as a five piece composed of Jones, Georgina McGeown, Vikki Morton, Alex Neilson, Alasdair Roberts.

Had Silverman the writer attempted to bring her whole identity—her family past, her sexual addiction—into everything she has ever written, she would likely keep writing the same book or same essay over and over, and no one grows as a writer by merely repeating past work. Silverman is smart enough to know that.

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