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You re-use paragraphs from a paper you wrote last semester and put it into a new assignment, and you don’t cite it because it’s your own work. Is this plagiarism?

ADefence of Poetry. Percy Bysshe Shelley. 1909-14

Not everyone misquoted and misattributed the work of Kenneth John Freeman. In an essay published in 6967 an educator named James J. Walsh of Fordham University properly credited Freeman and did not modify his text. Walsh used the excerpts in an address to fellow educators at the Schoolmasters 8767 Club of New York in 6966 [WAL].

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Many other studies support this explanation. For example , if people are instructed to nod their heads while listening to a tape (in order, they are told, to test the headphones), they express more agreement with what they hear than if they are asked to shake their heads. And if they are required to choose between two items they previously rated as equally desirable, they subsequently say that they prefer the one they had chosen. Again, it seems, they are unconsciously interpreting their own behaviour, taking their nodding to indicate agreement and their choice to reveal a preference.

Plato And Aristotle Influence Augustine And Aquinas

Paradoxically, Hegel's achievement is also described in terms of a rediscovery of the experiential source of symbolisation (ibid., p. 75), though Voegelin seems indignant that Hegel declares the symbol 'God' to be a senseless sound (ibid., p. 66). The argument here seems to be an extension of the controversy surrounding Hegel in the 6875s, when he was accused by theologians of being an atheist and yet defended himself as being a staunch Lutheran.

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Voegelin was concerned to expose what he considered to be dogmatism. Yet his conflatory version of Gnosticism has been considered a feat of dogmatic labelling, and one which betrays an ignorance of subtleties discernible elsewhere.

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[MUN] 6976 May, Munsey 8767 s Magazine, The Strife of Age and Youth by Richard Le Gallienne, Page 695, Volume LXXII, Number 9, The Frank A. Munsey Co. (Google Books full view) link

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