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A valuable resource for vulnerable children and their families, school counselors help students achieve their goals. In this master&rsquo s program &ndash which offers an option to focus on bilingual student populations &ndash you&rsquo ll get the education and clinical training to become a professional Pre-K-67 school counselor, working in schools, colleges, and community agencies. Graduates are eligible for New York State certification as guidance counselors and are prepared to take the examination to become a national certified counselor. An advanced certificate program is available for those who already have a master's degree in counseling.

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Cognitive neuroscientists examine and understand brain functions and how they relate to behavior and development. Their primary job responsibility is to study and conduct research on how and why humans think and behave the way they do. They combine science and psychological knowledge to try and understand how behavior and actions are controlled by neural activity and functions.

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AASP PARTNERS WITH NBA RETIRED PLAYERS ASSOCIATION TO PROVIDE COUNSELING SERVICES AASP has partnered with the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) to provide their members, who are former professional basketball players in the NBA, ABA, WNBA, and Harlem Globetrotters, access to sport psychology consultants that can help them transition to life after basketball.

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Educational Psychologists have the unenviable job of studying and understanding how people are capable of learning in educational settings, the efficacy of certain educational methods, and the effectiveness of the instructional process. They help identify gifted and disabled learners and try to drill down to the root of the problem in hopes of identifying and treating issues in the early stages. Educational psychologists take a proactive rather than reactive approach to the job and use their research to improve educational experiences for people of all learning styles.

Anyone whose professional role includes communication with or evaluation of other individuals — potential employees or consumers, for example — could benefit from an applied psychology education. Leaders in business, marketing, education, organizational development and countless other fields use applied psychology to improve business operations.

Not to be confused with geriatrics, gerontologists study and research all the aspects of aging, including social, psychological, developmental, and biological influences. Gerontologists study the physical and social changes in people as they get older they study the actual aging process they study the importance of an increasingly aging population, and they identify, analyze, and attempt to understand the reasoning behind age-related disease.

Child psychologists are responsible for studying, analyzing, and diagnosing the mental, social, and emotional development and behavior of children from birth through adolescence. Some of the things that child psychologists study include genetics, personality and brain development, social maturation, and language development. They are also charged with helping identify, prevent, and treat social, emotional, and developmental issues that inevitably arise in children.

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Drawing from linguistics, psychology, physiology, and physical science, the field of communicative sciences and disorders is dedicated to understanding and minimizing the impact of disordered speech, language, hearing, and swallowing processes in children and adults. Our undergraduate program develops your understanding of how people communicate. A minor is also offered. Our master&rsquo s program leads to eligibility for professional licensure as a speech pathologist, while the doctoral program provides you with the training to become an academic researcher and scholar.

The course will introduce you to advanced techniques in data analysis, study design and survey research as they are applied to business problems. The application of these techniques will primarily be focused on marketing and market research, though they are equally applicable to organizational behavior. Applications for both quantitative and qualitative data will be covered, as both are important to making business decisions.

Gain technical, visual communication, and digital fabrication skills in this 66-credit minor. You&rsquo ll start with foundational coursework in layout, digital rendering, and typography, employing industry standard tools and techniques, and progress to more advanced and experimental design, with opportunities to utilize the department&rsquo s cutting-edge digital imaging, design, and fabrication studios.

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