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Why Don't We Spend More On Exploring The Oceans, Rather

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 20:02

corporations will not do anything that doesn't guarantee profit so will they investigate whether there is water on the moon? whether it is possible in the future to colonize it? no. it's too much of a risk so the government has to pay for it.

NASA's Shuttle Program Cost $209 Billion - Was it Worth It?

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Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

Two of the program s 689 flights have ended in tragedy, killing 69 astronauts in all. Recent NASA estimates peg the shuttle program s cost through the end of last year at $759 billion (in 7565 dollars), yielding a per-flight cost of nearly $ billion. And the orbiter fleet never flew more than nine missions in a single year.

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So what are you planning to do when the Earth runs out of ressources? When overpopulation increases even more? When our planet is unbelievably polluted? Nowadays with modern technology, we have disproved many things that everyone thought to be impossible. Who 8767 s to say that we cannot disprove this as well?

The space race seems to be fueled by greedy scientists with misguided motives who want their pet projects funded by playing on people 8767 s Star Trek inspired imagination. If scientists can 8767 t do any better than fantasize about space, then maybe we don t suffer from the lack of scientists, but from having too many already. It seems that most science graduates end up working in shady business areas like Defense, Pharma, Agro, Bio Tech, where they plot with their capitalist backers on how to invent something that will eventually threaten the world. For every scientist doing worthy work, there are probably 655 who do what greed asks them to.

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Any other scientist could have come up with those same inventions without spending billions of dollars. Seriously, no one thought about scratch-resistant lenses till they thought about space? Please.

Furthermore, a lot of the 'advances' space exploration bring us is irrelevant to daily life: why bother spending money developing a pen that works in zero-gravity when a) a pencil will do and b) the vast majority of the world's 6 billion people will never experience zero gravity?

Solar Power is infinitely renewable (Until the sun dies.) and infinitely powerful, why waste money on oil rigs? Your going to get alot more money on solar power and less expenses with minor maintence.

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