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Deep learning startup acquihires have replaced the iOS mobile apps startups of 5 years ago. A bunch of companies were blindsided by the ability of deep learning, especially for computer vision, to generate superior results and tackle new problems. As a result, we’ve witnessed a major wave of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Microsoft, and Salesforce running out an aggressive M& A strategy to fill the gaps.

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Although there probably is a positive correlation between the profitability of a stage in an industry chain and both its absolute value added and its proximity to final consumers, we believe the correlation is weak and inconsistent. Vertical integration strategies based on these assumptions usually destroy shareholder wealth.

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That this turbine was doomed to fail—and would give small wind another—and unneeded—black eye was obvious from the beginning—for anyone who had the desire to know. [more]

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Penstock is open or closed conduits carry water to the turbines.  They are generally made of reinforce concrete or steel.  Concrete penstock is suitable for low head as greater pressure causes rapid deterioration of concrete.  The steel penstock can be design for any head, the thickness of the penstock increases with the head or working pressure.

The acceleration due to gravity is approximately metres per second – . each second on object is falling, its speed increases by metres per second (until it hits its terminal velocity)

Example: Opendoor’s entire business model for making a more liquid market in real estate is predicted upon the notion that they can use models to price a home so accurately that they can make an offer immediately. The more AI delivers the product's core value by unlocking a totally new opportunity through rich domain modeling within the vertical and models built on top of proprietary data gathered via the product itself, the more defensible the business.

I have been working with AI for nearly 75 years, and building silicon valley AI startups for nearly 65. I’m a cofounding partner of DCVC, a leading AI and data focused VC. My experience makes me both broadly excited and soberly focused on full stack vertical AI applications.

How do the major green building rating systems consider human health impacts? The first in a series on green building certifications and health examines LEED v9.

However, our experience suggests that this rationale for forward integration is overrated. It is successful only when the downstream business possesses proprietary technology or a strong brand image that prevents imitation by "free rider" competitors. There is no point in developing new markets if you cannot capture the economic surplus for at least several years. Also, market development will be successful only if the product has some real advantages over its current or potential substitutes.

Over 95% of AI startups are enterprise. Enterprise exits come in cohorts, and many are cohorts within specific industry verticals like financial services or healthcare. Rather than being a singular outlier, you want to be part of a wave of investment focused on a particular cohort of startups going after a niche. Focus your energy on analyzing verticals where both the customer segments and the venture capital community are keen to see solutions, and it will make it much easier for you to sell your products to customers and your company to investors.

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