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Selected topics in the area of infectious disease control. When the course is offered, credit hours will be announced by the department in advance of preregistration. This course is not acceptable for the satisfaction of core requirements for graduate degree students, unless the student’s advisor determines special circumstances.
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor (course in biology and introductory epidemiology is helpful).

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The following topics are addressed: 6) biology of glucose regulation, types of diabetes and complications diagnostic criteria/ screening care and management 7) epidemiology of diabetes prevalence/incidence/ mortality, complications, risk factors 8) diabetes prevention issues including measurements of obesity and physical activity types of interventions and evaluation designs cultural issues. Critical thinking regarding study designs, measurements, bias and results is reinforced through reading and discussions of epidemiology studies.
Prerequisites: Epi 556, Sta 557.

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Thyroid cancer is increasingly common. This is especially the case for differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC), which has a favorable prognosis. Treatment consists of surgical removal of the thyroid gland, radioiodine treatment, and life-long administration of relatively high doses of thyroid hormone. This treatment is effective, but also rather aggressive since it can result in the occurrence of both short- and long-term adverse effects. There used to be little attention for this issue, as cancer-related outcome was less favorable. Nowadays, we see a lot of DTC patients with small tumors who have a near-normal life expectancy. For these patients long-term adverse effects of treatment are very important since they can negatively impact quality of life.

The hurricane season has been nuts. I am sitting here, tucked in and waiting for Irma to come. So many in Texas, the whole North West and now the South are facing huge upsets in routine that is often what keeps us sane. Keeping a schedule while in an emergency can be difficult at best. Here.

Furthermore, there is a small group of thyroid cancer patients with more aggressive disease. For these patients, cure is often not achievable. Therefore, we studied the efficacy and toxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (a new class of drugs) that have been studied in these patients. In addition, we studied the hereditary material of several thyroid cancers in an attempt to understand more of thyroid cancer pathogenesis.

The objective of this review was to assess the published evidence for an association between glycaemic variability and the development of chronic micro- and macrovascular complications in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM).

BijnierNET is een platform voor zorgaanbieders, patiënten, mantelzorgers en geïnteresseerden rondom de Bijnieraandoeningen: Bijnierschorsinsufficiëntie (Addison), Syndroom van Cushing, AGS, Primair Hyperaldosteronisme (Ziekte van Conn),  Feochromocytoom en Bijnierschorscarcinoom.

Discussion of daily trials and tribulations in the use of the insulin pump and its parts - infusion sets, continuous glucose monitors, reservoirs. Problems with usage and suggested fixes to these problems.

This course covers the basics of geographic information systems (GIS) as applied toward epidemiologic research and surveillance. GIS software functionality, geocoding, use of global positioning systems (GPS), sources of data and spatial statistical methods are among the topics covered.

Are there any advantages to keeping on a strict schedule as to taking medicines and eating meals at the same time each day? I would love advice on how to stick to the schedule if so. Are there any problems associated with not keeping in a certain time frame? Any information or suggestions.

The first part of this thesis describes the role of cholesterol particles and associated proteins, and their role in the development of cardiovascular disease. There seems to be an advantage in determining the balance between good and bad cholesterol, as compared to the separate measures when attempting to predict the development of cardiovascular disease. Certain genes that have an influence on proteins transporting cholesterol from one particle to the other, do not seem to have an effect on the predictive value of these measures. The inhibition of this protein does increase the level of the good cholesterol, but this does not seem to result in any survival benefit.

This course is designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of genetic epidemiology. The goal of genetic epidemiology is to identify genetic mechanisms and gene-environment interactions involved in the etiology of complex diseases and phenotypes. An in-depth discussion of designs and methodologies involved in conducting both family-based and population-based genetic epidemiologic studies will be offered. An overview of the currently available software for genetic epidemiologic analyses will be given. The lecture material will be supplemented with discussions of published studies and examples using real and simulated data if possible.
Pre-requisites: Epi 556, Epi 557 and a basic understanding of molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry.

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