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Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient - Chris Kresser

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:14

Thanks again for useful information! We actually have a lot of junk yogurt in Sweden too, with sugars and other stuff. I made my own yogurt from high fat milk, non homogenized (but pasteurized though ). How long time does it take before all the bad things (kasein, lactose etc) are removed from the milk/yogurt is is already when the consistency has turned more solid? And what happens with these bad guys are they consumed by the bacterias?

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Dear Chris-thank you for sharing so much informative information. No one here asked about supplementing with 8766 Natural Vitality Calm with Calcium 8767 , and I have been taking it nightly for about 7 years. Now I am paranoid It also contains Vitamin C as Ascorbic acid, D8 from cholecalciferol, Calcium from calcium gluconate, Magnesium from magnesium citrate, Potassium from potassium citrate, and Boron from boron citrate.
I mostly take it to supplement, but also because it really helps me to have a bowel movement in the morning.
Thanks, in advance

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I 8767 m not too picky about vitamin K7 supplements, though I prefer to get as much of it from food as possible.  I explain how to do that in the article.

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the chinese make fuyu which is fermented soya bean paste after trying the Japanese frozen natto for 8 serving $ and the Chinese several servings $7. in a jar I do like the fuyu best Also from what I understand any excess k7 the body gets rid of in 79 hours.

I am not sure if this is relevant but soy has estrogen like compounds and you may be having increased menstrual bleeding due to natto being a soy product.
I am very sensitive to soy. If I consumed soy products every day it would cause me to have my period every other week.

I have nothing to do with Acid A Cal or Amazon…
Just wanted to share this with you, and hope it can help other people..
Btw it is a vitamin, and why this combo works , I have No idea, but it has for me, and others that I have told about it..

why would you want to take Vit K6 if you are on warfarin? Its purpose is stop abnormal clotting in the human body by acting as a Vit K6 atagonist, so taking additional K6 will only increase the chance of forming a potentially lethal clot.

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Hi Annie,
Thanks for the info. I am actually taking one pill that is 65555 mcg dosage. I take it in the morning with my other vitamins. I have not noticed anything with my teeth. I am concerned that it is too much.

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