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When I was applying to colleges, they let you report the best score on each section. So best verbal and best math. Even if you took it 5 times, you could take the verbal score from try 7, and math from try 5.

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Duke is really really proud of giving bad grades. 8766 We 8767 re not an Ivy, but we have moral superiority! 8767 for resisting grade inflation. :D

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Yup. I work in tech and my employer does this. Scores (and your bachelors GPA) required no matter how much work experience you have. It 8767 s ridiculous and the company has a rep in town for not hiring anyone over 85.

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I thought about this one and it occurred to me that the police or the company 8767 s lawyer might have advised them to handle it this way. Maybe there was something unusual about this situation and/or someone was exercising really bad judgment. It seems unlikely, but it 8767 s possible.

This is someone (who probably got a great score) thinking it 8767 s an important discriminator and influencing the whole hiring process so it 8767 s a mandatory item for the company. Who knows maybe they 8767 ve created a culture where people who grow up in the company do think it means something about your ability to do a good job.

Really? Interesting. I wonder if it 8767 s more of an urban/rural thing — I 8767 m from the Milwaukee suburbs, and most kids I know took them (and/or the ACT). We had no illusions about being East Coast.

One cop uttered the kind of terrifying, but reasonable statement of 8775 8 or 9 teens along with the teacher rushing the shooter should be able to take them down. Most might get wounded or die, but if your option is a few dead kids or a classroom full of dead kids, you opt for a few dead kids. 8776

I would add pointed questions about how they plan to regain credibility, and what steps the company is going to take to make sure all information from the company is verified to be correct. Maybe follow up questions on whether HR is capable of fulfilling its role given their lack of credibility, and whether their function should be outsourced to a more responsible (and ethical!) party.

There 8767 s a department within my company that rewards monthly perfect attendance with a vacation day with I could adopt that policy! Of course as a department of 6 probably not much of an option for me.

Yeah, in that case it sounds like HR made some dumb decisions and tried to avoid disruption by hiding things they couldn 8767 t realistically keep hidden. And it 8767 s less justifiable imo if they knew the day before that he had threatened violence and they could just stay closed or open late the next day (versus if he made threats while everyone was already at work, so there was a potential panic situation and they needed everyone to stay calm). I still think it would be more effective to ask for a better plan for future situations than just complain about HR, just because people and departments are easier to work with when they aren 8767 t put on the defensive to justify their actions, though.

It also seems like a good way to screen out people who didn 8767 t grow up in upper/middle income families (., the ones who could pay for test prep).

Exactly. They 8767 re meant to round out the bigger picture of grades, writing skills, references, extracurricular activities, and other accomplishments. Because schools and teachers grade differently, and teach differently, and there 8767 s a lot of inequality there, there is value to having everyone take the same test. It 8767 s imperfect, but it 8767 s one of many ways to balance things out. Outside of that context, their relevance diminishes.

I knew I wasn 8767 t going to college immediately after high school, so I didn 8767 t take the SAT. After 7 years in the Navy, I used my training there to get my job, so I never went to college and thus, didn 8767 t bother taking the SAT then.

Yeah, it mystifies me that logic puzzles are still on the LSAT. I understand why some of the other reasoning sections are on there. Whether or not I agree with the way the LSAT tests it, 8775 read this passage, what is the argument? 8776 is obviously trying to approximate 8775 read this case, what is its holding? 8776 Which is all of law school, same with 8775 read this passage. How do you apply what it says to these facts? 8776 Which is what all of Law School standard type exams are. But 8775 make a diagram of how these things relate to eachother, determine how these other things relate to eachother by process of elimination 8776 has absolutely nothing to do with either law school testing, law school teaching, or anything lawyers do as part of their job.

This is such a common issue with a work culture that relies on a piece of paper instead of actual knowledge. It 8767 s one of the reasons I am filing for an AS this semester and then finishing my BS next year. The more pieces of paper, the more money I get paid under my current employer 8767 s system. My BS should include the AS bonus, but it doesn 8767 t. Might as well file both.

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