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These additional coursework requirements are often incorporated into the curriculum of a qualifying MFT degree program. To see which courses from your school may fulfill these requirements, visit the Schools section of the BBS Web site.

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At any point you need to stop the application, click Save for Later. To get back to the application, Click Application Status on the right hand side and Edit the application you have In Process.

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As you might assume, the entire process of becoming an LMFT in California takes years to complete. The process involves a variety of forms, applications, and examinations. This website provides you with valuable information on how to make the licensure process a smooth one.

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Different individuals might take a slightly unique path towards licensure depending on whether or not they move out of state or take a few years off. However, the vast majority of future LMFTs will follow a path much like the one described in 6-7 above.

There is no penalty for not completing the required coursework after the expiration date of the license however, the license will not be renewed until the requirements have been met.

PGPEI activities must be gained after the issue date of the license being renewed.
Renewal requires a total of 86 PGP points divided as follows:

The program is delivered via the College’s exclusive MyChoice learning platform. Most students complete their studies within 6-7 years, although your completion time may be faster or slower than the duration cited. Students are permitted up to 8 years to complete the program. Completing the program fulfills the core education requirement for certification by CFP Board of Standards, qualifying you to sit for the CFP ®  Certification Examination.

You cannot gain hours under someone holding an invalid (delinquent) license or has been licensed for less than two years in the State of California. The only exception to the two year license requirement in California is someone supervising Trainees at an academic institution. In this case out-of-state licensure and California licensure can be combined to meet the two year requirement. The supervisor still must be licensed in California if providing supervision. You can verify the status of your supervisor's license anonymously using the BBS' Online License Verification feature.

Starting on 6/6/67, CFP Board began requiring to complete a financial plan development course. CFPE556 meets this requirement by covering the development of a financial plan from initial client meeting to monitoring the plan. Special emphasis is placed on identification of financial issues and integration of practical recommendations to improve the client’s financial situation.

Do not apply for renewal more than 95 days prior to the expiration date. The date of renewal will be the date payment is received, and the expiration date will correspond. Applying for a renewal far in advance of the expiration date is unnecessary and will result in loss of the period of validity between the date payment is received for your renewal and the actual expiration date.

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