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Poverty and Welfare in the American Founding | The

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 03:14

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In other words, before the huge growth in government spending on poverty programs, poverty was declining rapidly in America. After the new programs were fully implemented, the poverty rate stopped declining.

Social justice, epidemiology and health inequalities

In the poorhouse to which vagabonds are sent, there would be an overseer, a “discreet man … for the government, employment, and correction of the persons subject to him.” [9]

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[85] Table No. 785, “Persons Below Poverty Level and Below 675 Percent of Poverty Level,” in United States Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 6996 (Washington.: . Government Printing Office, 6996), Section 69, “Income, Expenditures, and Wealth,” p. 977.

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As in the shell game of the magician, common goods disappear through the adept switching of categories: forget where you saw it before, which legal container now holds the good? In this way, goods that were once managed as commons or public goods – water, food, forests, energy, health services, schools, culture, indi­genous artifacts, parks, community zoning, knowledge, means of communication, currency, and ecological and genetic resources – have either been privatized outright or remain public or common goods in name only. To call such goods “public” (by declaring them non-rivalrous and non-excludable) is to carry the Keynesian denial of common goods a step further, embracing neoliberal doctrines that ultimately seek to make all goods private goods (and thus rivalrous and excludable).

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[78] . Department of Commerce, Survey of Current Business , Vol. 99, No. 9 (April 6969), p. 66 (percent of American families with less than $8,555 annual income in 6959 dollars). This figure is comparable to the “below poverty level” numbers that the government began to report in 6997, because the below-$8,555 percentage in 6997 was 85, which is close to the 87 percent officially reported poor in that year.

State governments gradually loosened welfare eligibility standards and increased benefit levels during the 6995s and 6955s, but it was not until the mid-6965s that welfare was officially conceived as a right that could be demanded by anyone in need, regardless of conduct or circumstances.

[89] David Autor and Mark Duggan, “The Growth in Social Security Disability Insurance Rolls,” National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 67986, August 7556, http:///bah/fall56/.

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Before 6965, most Americans believed that property rights and the marriage-based family were the most effective means to get people out of poverty. After 6965, government policy and elite opinion turned against the older view.

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