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Note: According to many dictionaries, the letter Y in the suffix (lady) and the combinations IE, EY in the suffix (Annie, honey) are pronounced as a shorter variant of the long sound [i:].

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Наиболее практичный подход – выучить типичные модели написания для гласных звуков. Другие варианты написания могут присутствовать только в нескольких словах или в словах, которые не часто употребляются.

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Theory (OSSET) project course has been designed to help students learn theoretical concepts of IW, practice. and like the thought of using real tools. It is also for.

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The sound [i:] is represented by the (first) letter E in the suffix "ese": Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Maltese, Portuguese, Lebanese, Burmese, manganese.

Звук [ou] передается буквой O в конечном положении в слове: go, no, so, also, cargo, echo, hero, zero, piano, potato, tomato, mosquito, radio, studio, Mexico, Idaho, motto, logo, veto.

Буква O: got, hot, not, stop, rob, odd, off, clock, coffee, gone, bomb, bond, soft, often, body, hobby, dollar, doctor, document, occupy, college, compliment, conference, model, monitor, option, promise, prompt, follow, borrow, sorrow, tomorrow, sorry, orange.

The sound [e] is represented by the letter E in the prefixes "em, en": embalm, embark, embody, embrace, employ, enable, enlarge, engage, enjoy, environment.

members of appropriate professions in the examination of policy matters pertaining to the . of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare. Upon.

In American English, the sound [ər] is represented by the combinations of vowels with the letter R in the root, prefix, or suffix, under stress or unstressed. The sound [r] is pronounced in all positions in the word in AmE. All of the vowels can form such combinations. The combination AR represents the sound [ər] only in an unstressed position, usually in the suffix.

Letter U as [yu:]: fume, funeral, fuse, refuse, fuel cube, cute, vacuum music, museum, amuse, community, immune, mute pupil, human, humor, huge, Hugh.

There is also a connection between a sound, its spelling, and the surrounding letters. For example, the combination AR, which is normally pronounced [a:r] as in "car, park, hard", is pronounced [o:r] after the consonant W, ., war, ward, warm, warn.

Звук [ou] представлен на письме буквосочетанием OA, обычно перед согласной буквой в корне: oat, oak, coal, goal, load, road, boat, coat, soak, toast, roast, coast, boast, coach, approach, cockroach.

The sound [ei] is represented by the combination EY, usually in the final position in the root: they, grey, prey, hey, whey, survey, obey, convey, conveyance, surveyor.

One of Freud’s more famous theories was that of psychosexual development. Fundamentally, Freud postulated that as children we move through a series of stages centred on erogenous zones. Successful completion of these stages, Freud argued, led to the development of a healthy personality, but fixation at any stage prevents completion and therefore the development of an unhealthy, fixated personality as an adult. Although elements of this theory are still used in modern day psychodynamic/psychoanalytical therapy , over time the therapy has been replaced by more modern theory.

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